Actually, the Pahang variety of durian is considered as a famous one, as the elder durian trees bearing quality fruit and it can be discovered in the mountainous farms with better soil. In the season from June to end July, you can pick the Pahang Mao Shan wang durian. During this time, the shop can only sells this Pahang variety and supply for the customers. The only exceptions are stalls selling only the consistent packs. As distant as possible, they also opted for the durians to be delivering in their shells. However, this durian variety is not at all cheap to buy, rather you have to pay greater than average around $26 per kg.

In these days, the royal durians are delivered with packing and sending them off to the customers. The specialty of durian delivery jurong west is providing only fresh durians delivered with utmost guaranteed. Once you place the order, they will be delivered within a couple of hours. The royalty durians have a most composite and refined durian taste, which is plucked and cultivated from the most pedigreed as well as oldest durian trees. This would costs around $29.90 per box, which is a must attempt for the entire durian enthusiasts.

The durian delivery jurong west in season now

Before placing your order, you can ensure that the delivery comes to your doorstep all over the locations in Singapore. If you are living in Jurong West and want a durian delivery jurong west, they are ready to serve you at any time. However, it may be pretty beyond away from the central Singapore and certainly, does not hand out you slower in that area. If you are searching for the reliable durian sellers who can capable to handle your entire durian carvings, you can simply get it over here.