Irrespective of why there are more injuries during the day because of Drunk drivers, law enforcement is concerned. During the day, there are a higher number of people which are commuting. This is the reason there is such a concern within this growing trend. With the increased traffic during the daytime hours, these drunk drivers become a greater danger to the general public. For law enforcement to try to fight this, many states have begun driving checkpoints to check for drunk drivers during the day. Physicians are also receiving training on ways to see a driver which could be drunk during the daytime hours.

Those statistics do not even factor in the severe injuries sustained from drunken driving accidents, injuries that may have consequences for sufferers and their families for the remainder of their lives. Some drunken driving crash victims suffer such severe injuries that they no longer can care for themselves and need round-the-clock, daily care from nurses and family members, in addition to hit by drunk driver lawyer in Santa Ana, CA. Maybe you could recoup from the injuries, to an extent. You do not need round-the-clock medical care, but you cannot work or are restricted as to how much you are able to work. Your quality of life was impacted severely. You cannot sit for longer than thirty minutes at a time. You cannot imagine a day without leg or back pain. Your personal relationships, including your friendships and your union have endured.

Drunk Driving Accident

Maybe you are a college student who cannot attend school full-time any More because the program load is too physically draining, or as your short-term memory remains affected by the collision. Perhaps the highly-sought liberty you had as a college student, living in your own in the dorms has been taken from you since you need assistance getting around the home and will need to be closer to physicians and your worried parents. Do any of these situations sound familiar? Whether it is you or a loved one, you deserve to be compensated for your suffering and the impact the accident has had on your life.  That is the reason it is wise to contact a personal injury attorney, especially a lawyer with experience representing the victims of drunken driving accidents.

A Personal Injury Lawyer can work with your insurance company, Doctors, and therapists to make sure you are receiving the appropriate medical care, especially when insurance companies are trying to cut corners any way they can. A Lawyer can see that you are paid for the pain and discomfort you and your loved ones have suffered, and see to it that you are cared for in the future. An attorney can also see that you are paid for lost wages and Future lost wages due to your inability or limited ability to get the job done.