We often get confused about the school in which we have to admit our kids for their education. There are many options available and we only choose the best for them. As the whole education process is changing in the current times, some of the schools are coming up with new ideas that will educate the kids and also make them experience other things that matter the most. This will make them aware of their surroundings and make them better people, which is the basic aspect of life.

Kidztreehouse is the most popular forest school singapore that is known to provide a different kind of education where they allow the children to learn, play, and also join with nature. Their main objective is to preserve nature and what best way than to instill the idea in the minds of the small kids from the start.

For the same, they have come up with a solution where they connect children with nature through classroom learning and other outdoor experiences. This will make children become more compassionate towards nature and make the future a better place to live.

forest school singapore

What are their programs?

The forest school Singapore provides programs in two ways; campus learning and outdoor activities. Let us look at each of them:

  • Kindy: This allows children to play and earn quality education through different activities. This was created to let the children understand the importance of nature.
  • Student care: This is to allow the children to discover their potential early on and assist them in developing characters that make for a better human.
  • Kidz treehouse explorers: This program is developed to create an idea of nature and help the children to sharpen their creativity and imagination. This helps them to learn crucial values like compassion, resilience, and mindfulness.
  • Eco Camp: This is an annual outdoor symposium with the larger community where they talk about sustainability and challenges in climate change.
  • Forest play: This program allows children to immerse themselves in outdoor creative play where they build their imagination using various tools.