We are presently going to proceed with our work through the 7 principle chakra focuses and precious stone recuperating, moving onto your Crown Chakra, likewise called your seventh chakra. Recall there are a wide range of gems you can utilize so make a point to work with the most well-known, yet do not hesitate to attempt others to perceive what resounds inside your own vivacious vibrational level.  Your Crown Chakra is found simply over the highest point of your head. This is the place the vitality can stream down and in through your chakra and entirely through your vitality stream of chakras when they are completely opened and added. The Crown Chakra is commonly known by reasonable, white or purple/violet shading. Again there is some discussion about which shading is best connected with this chakra point, yet everything relies upon what reverberates best inside your chakra and vitality fields.


This chakra and shading affiliations are spoken to with lucidity, awareness, sub-cognizance, purifying and cleansing. The most widely recognized precious stone for this chakra point are: Clear Quartz, Herkimer Diamond, Moonstone, Selenite, Danburite, and White Amethyst.  I have discovered either working with Danburtite or a mix of Herkirmer Diamonds and Danburite can expel a blockage and being in a more grounded vitality stream. While evacuating a blockage at this chakra point, hold Danburite inside 4 creeps of the zone and go clockwise to expel the blockages. Make sure to wash down the gem altogether a short time later to expel any vigorous development that has gathered on the precious stone. While needing to a greater extent a more grounded herkimer diamond vitality stream, rests and spot two Herkimer Diamond gems, one on each side of your chakra point and one over the zone for 15 minutes.

Be that as it may, experienced with mindfulness it very well may be an inception and entryway into an unheard of level of being. On the off chance that we permit ourselves to see the dim shadowy parts in us where we simply care for ourselves and our own prosperity, we can recognize and grasp those dismissed parts and become aware of them. At that point there is a decent possibility for us to direct those darker energies in a suitable manner for our own advantage and for the others in our life too.  We live in a universe of extremity and contrary energies like light and dull, day and night, life and demise. The yin yang image is giving us how the light and the dull shape the entire circle ading one another. The different sides of the yin yang can never be isolated from one another, they coincide. Let us have a more profound glance at the characteristics of Scorpio.