PC Monitor show issues, for example, no presentation with high voltage indication can be brought about by numerous reasons. A flawed picture tube, a broken video preamplifier IC, a missing warmer voltage, torn sign link, negative G1 voltage turned out to be excessively high – 120 volt or more, CRT board issues, an absent or low G2 voltage and so forth could cause no presentation except for with the present of high voltage.

In this article I’m demonstrating how to handle an absent or low G2 voltage issue. To begin with, you should affirm if there is high voltage present at the screen. You can utilize a high voltage test to quantify the anode voltage 24 KV or you can attempt to tune in to the high voltage sound delivered in the event that you are sufficiently capable when the screen is switch on If the high voltage is available then your center ought to be in the screen lattice voltage G2 circuit. In the event that there is no high voltage, I will clarify it in another article.

How to affirm if G2 voltage present at the pin of theĀ Bestverticalmonitor By setting your positive test red test to the G2 point and negative test to cold ground with power on, your meter should enrolled some perusing. For your data, particular kinds of PC screens, on the off chance that you place your millimeter to the G2 point it would made the screen shut down because of the cause of impedance stacking of your meter. Expecting you estimated a low G2 voltage say 20 volts dc a decent G2 voltage is somewhere close to 250 – 300 + DC volt, the subsequent stage you ought to do is to confine the issue to see whether is the G2 circuit that hauled down the voltage or the fly back transformer center/screen voltage divider that had turned sour.

Switch off the screen and disorder the G2 wire from the CRT board. Spot your test in like manner red test to G2 wire and dark test to cold ground now, switch on the screen and start to see the meter readout. On the off chance that the perusing you get is as yet around 20 volts or higher somewhat then presume a faulty fly back. You can likewise attempt to change the screen voltage control of the fly back. On the off chance that it previously went to greatest, the fly back should be supplanted. You can likewise utilize a less expensive approach to tackle it. Utilize a screen obscure buster to add in and rout the first center/screen link and utilize the link from the screen obscure buster to go about as center and G2. Subsequently, with this strategy the recently tapped G2 voltage could be patch it back to its unique area and you will get a presentation when the screen is turned on