Earth-friendly is more than a trend. It is a movement. People are becoming more conscious of how important it is for the planet to be kind. This has extended to commercial and office buildings. Modern architect designs are combined with green and or recyclable materials to create green construction. The return on investment for green construction is nearly 10 times higher than standard buildings. And who would not want that! Let’s take a look at the benefits of going green.

Green Commercial Building

Local economy creating jobs

You will not be the only one who decides to go green. There are more construction firms and architects available to help you serve greener buildings as a growing number of businesses ask for them. This also means that people with technical skills can get great jobs – which is something that is still lacking in certain areas, such as those that are not yet out of recession.

Energy efficiency improvements

If you work towards LEED certification, your energy efficiency will be significantly improved over older buildings. You can save money on heating and cooling by building green. Newer models are more efficient than older ones. Modern insulation and windows can keep your employees comfortable without having to run an air conditioner. This also improves the air quality. Green buildings have been shown to reduce allergies and work time. Water is another natural resource that can be conserved more effectively.

This is not just for new buildings.

A renovation might be a good idea. A renovation can sometimes improve the efficiency of your building’s workflow by as much as 16%. In today’s laptop-filled environment, a 1960s building with wide desks and ample space for typewriters is no longer practical. Cool recycled materials can be used to renovate your office and keep it out of landfills. This is a cheaper option than buying new.

It is great for attracting customers

Going green can bring your office building up to the 21st century while saving you money. This is especially true for buildings that will be kept for a long time. Your remodeling can also be used as an advertisement tool. Your efforts will attract people who care about the environment. Advertisement of a green building, regardless of whether it is new construction or remodel, is a positive thing.

Green is not just for building construction.

There are many green building products that you can take deductions from. You can get federal incentives for solar panels and other energy options. A green building is less expensive to run, which means you can pay your shareholders a higher quarterly dividend due to increased profits. There are many reasons to go green with your commercial building. It is an investment but it can often be a worthwhile one.