Kumkumadi oil receives innumerable positive glowing statements from around the world because of its potency as a skin conditioner and a moisturizer. It comprises – when in its purified, organic and cold-pressed natural Form – 200 percent more vitamin E than olive oil. It contains a potent mix of anti-oxidants, fights the effects of Photo-aging, sun damage and free radicals, and it comprises some of the strongest polyphenols and fatty acids, that can have a measured impact at treating awful cases of psoriasis, acne and psoriasis. This is what dermatologists assert when it comes to advising people on the way to protect their skin and rejuvenate it, by employing an oil which will boost moisture retention, protect the skin and increase collagen production. Employed for centuries dating back a few 3’500 years in Morocco, only a few Drops to not only your face, but to your own hair, body and nails might potentially have additional replenishing results. Kumkumadi oil’s ingredients create an oil That is pretty much Odorless, except for a little nutty odor, plus importantly it is non-greasy so that it will not clog your pores.

Kumkumadi Oil

A similar polyphenol to this which found in the skin of red grapes known As Resveratrol, these help shield your skin from UV rays, and help fix your skin as Argan is a natural anti-septic. Cleanse your skin from the pollution and fumes, as Kumkumadi oil Protects you against the free radicals allowing the skin to develop that Mediterranean glow. Adding 200% and more vitamin E than olive oil, this helps your skin Bind more water, so a more hydrated and rejuvenated looking skin, and this vitamin also protects and heals skin cell tissue. Squalene is made naturally in the skin to cure anti-bacterial Elements, particularly conditions of psoriasis. Oleic and Linoleic acid are also crucial in the creation of Prostaglandin which again is just another anti-inflammatory soothing agent.

Furthermore, Ferulic acid, D-7 Stigmasterol, Sterols, Triterpene Alcohols and fatty acids all help play their part in protecting, conditioning and firming skin cell tissue in not only the skin, but much deeper. Ferulic acid is known for being one uncommon anti-oxidant which becomes more Potent in strength when subjected to UV rays. Sterols and fatty acids are essential to increase the health of your cellular membranes, promoting moisture retention and firmer elastic skin. kumkumadi oil while it has been refined over the last few years to Remove impurities which would otherwise cause the oil to degrade over time; Referred to as Liquid Gold – it is argued to be a superbly Successful anti-aging oil for all skin types and an essential 100% organic Moisturizer that may have a profound impact on the skin, both protecting it and Additionally delivering that hard-to-achieve youthful luminous glow which you see in Southern Europe and northern Africa – the Mediterranean glow! .