To Purchase honey would be to run to the Grocery store and pick up the small bear full of clover and serve it to your loved ones, right? Unfortunately most people do not have any clue what they are getting. When you purchase processed honey off the shelf you are really getting what I call a byproduct of honey. You are getting something that is been heated and strained, a procedure which completely destroys the natural wholesome benefits if honey. The next times you will need to purchase honey ask yourself these four questions.

  1. What flavor will work best for what I’m using it for?

Honey comes in a variety of Flavors, although clover is the most popular, it might not be the best one for your job. By way of instance, if you are using it in a recipe, is it a savory recipe or a candy recipe? If it is savory the herbal qualities of eucalyptus honey may be right but if it is sweet possibly an orange blossom honey would do the job better. Know what is available and select the flavor that will work best for you.

  1. Is this raw or processed honey?

As Stated above raw honey is the only one which has all the natural wholesome properties still intact. I recommend always purchase honey that is raw.

  1. Does this honey come from a Major distributor or can it be from a smaller more local provider?

Honey that comes from the biggest companies is now blended. The honey is imported from around the world and mixed to find the most consistent taste and color. These honeys do little for your health and really can come from anywhere.

  1. What is my goal in adding Honey into my diet?

Several honeys have medicinal Properties in addition to being an excellent sweetener and generally great for you. Do you need to buy honey that will assist you build up your immune system to fight off allergies, are you wanting to treat indigestion or are you using it as a sugar substitute for reduce your sugar intake. Various honeys work for different things.

Basically when you buy honey you wish to go in prepared with the advice about which ones will really do the things for you and your body that you are looking for to buy raw honey online. What is the purpose of eating something that has the capacity to be so good for you if the greatness has been stripped from it? Know honey before purchasing honey.